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Types of Paint Finishes That Will Give Your Home A Beautiful New Look

A fresh coat of paint not only gives your home a fantastic new look but also has the power to lift the homeowner’s spirits. Whether you are planning to renovate the dull aesthetics of your home for your stay or for staging the property, a high-quality paint job can do wonders for you.

When it comes to painting finishes, coming to a decision can be tricky. However, with the help of this guide, it will be a piece of cake. Follow the blog below to discover the most famous painting finishes that will be perfect for your home.


If you have kids, then you must invest in an option that is easy to clean, and the stain is just that. The satin finish is a midway option between matte and high-gloss which produces a soft sheen. It is easy to clean and looks brilliant. However, it tends to make wall flaws highly apparent, so make sure that your wall is well-prepped for satin finishing by your hired house painters in Auckland.


Even though gloss paint finish is a highly popular choice around the world, it does come with its fair share of shortcomings. Like satin, it makes all the flaws on the wall visible. However, it’s high-gloss appearance does make heads turn. Make sure that you hire a talented team of interior painters in Auckland who succeed at masking the flaws as much as possible.


Matte has become the most trending option for wall paint finishes in the past few years and continues to spread its charm. It beautifully hides the imperfections on the walls and gives it a unique look. It’s a hit among both residential and commercial painters in Auckland for its subtle, attractive appearance. However, it’s easier to stain and mark, leaving you with more significant bills of retouching.


Eggshell is a middle ground between satin and matte which essentially means that it has a smooth texture but with little to no sheen. It has a slight lustre like that of a chicken’s egg, hence giving it the name. Eggshell is a highly popular choice for sensible homeowners who want to hide the imperfections while standing their ground on durability. It’s easier to clean and remains intact for years. 

Found your fit? Well, if not, then discuss these finishes with your painting contractor and go ahead with the most suitable option. Good luck!

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